fastID in a PEDESTAL

We have developed a new PEDESTAL for the fastID. It's a slim and elegant design. The pedestal is made from light weight alumium parts. The pedestal has a door that can be locked with a key. Inside the pedestal you will put the printer, a coupe of boxes of paper, your camera of course to keep it safe!

The tablet is mounted on the wooden top. It's fixed to the wooden shelf with small frame. This will prevent the tablet from getting stolen or from falling. See the images in the image gallery. The frame is the same anti-theft frame we use for ID station. All cables are nicely put away inside the pedestal.

If you want to be able to move the pedestal around there is a special floor-unit with 4 wheels.

Check our YouTube channel for demo and instruction videos.

Pedestal Specifications
The new pedestal for fastID!
Material : alumium
Colour : matte white
Dimension 28 cm (w) x 110 cm (h) x 33 cm (d)
Dimension wooden top : 35 cm (w) x 40 cm (d)
Weight : less than 4 kg
Needs some assembly, please have a look at the video
Warranty : 1 year carry-in

Floor unit with 4 wheels Specifications
The floor unit somes with 4 wheels and bolts to mount them to the unit.
Material : alumium.
Colour : matte white
Dimensions : 45 cm x 39 cm x 7 cm

Wheels and floor unit

Article number: 12.500.258